Corns in Dogs: Mike Guillard

Mike Guilliard MA VetMB CertSAO FRCVS



A corn is a circular area of hard tissue found only in the digital paw pads of sight hounds, the large pads are never affected. It is an overgrowth of keratin, the structural protein found in skin, horns and nails. Approximately 85% of corns occur in the pads of the central toes in the front limbs. It is a common cause of severe debilitating lameness in these breeds exacerbated when exercising on hard ground. The incidence is reported as being 2.5 to 5.9%.

Diagnosis is by observation and palpation of a thickened painful area of pad. There may be a dark centre to the corn mimicking a foreign body penetration but there is no fluid discharge; an X-ray detects most foreign bodies. Misdiagnosis is common through inexperience of the condition………………………Click on image below to read full article¬†

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